Our History: The Hearing Dogs Story

Hearing Dogs, was a private, non-profit organization chartered by the State of Ohio in 1981. Designed to provide Certified Hearing Dogs, its goal was to serve the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Hearing Dogs are protected by state laws and have the same legal privileges as all assistance dogs. The universal symbol for a hearing dog is a bright orange leash and collar.

In December 2000, Hearing Dogs continued its training program as part of a merger with Pilot Dogs, Inc. Pilot Dogs trains and furnishes dogs to guide the blind. The union was designed to benefit the programs by combining efforts to assist those in need of service dogs. The organization is funded entirely by private donations from individuals, groups, organizations, corporations, grants, and Lions Clubs. Pilot Dogs has placed approximately 153 hearing dogs with qualified individuals since 2000.

In March 2017, the hearing dog program moved to the new kennel building on the main campus and expanded featuring five kennels, a studio apartment, and an office. The move to the new building will enable the Hearing Dog program to expand and to continue to serve the deaf and hearing community.