How are the students chosen?

A sightless person who is physically and mentally capable of receiving benefit from the Pilot Dog may apply. Students of all races and creeds are served after being approved by the school’s Student Selection Committee.

Complete the form online, or follow directions below to print it out.

Instructions for Applicants

  1. Please complete the application form by typing or in legible pen and ink. Answer all questions as fully as possible.
  2. Please provide a list of four references and include their e-mail address or full mailing address. These references should be persons, other than family members, who know you well and whose judgment concerning your living conditions, character, and personal habits can be trusted.
  3. A full-length snapshot taken recently should accompany the return of the application. These can be ordinary camera shots, but must be full length, and at as close a view as possible to show height and weight proportions.
  4. When we receive your application we will send you additional paperwork, including an eye report to be filled out by your eye doctor and a medical form to be filled out by your physician.
Download Student Application