Student Application

How are the students chosen?

A person who is legally blind and who is physically and mentally capable of receiving benefit from the Pilot Dog may apply. Students of all races and creeds are served after being approved by the school’s Student Selection Committee.

Download the Application or Complete the form below.

Instructions for Applicants

  1. Please complete the application form by typing or in legible pen and ink. Answer all questions as fully as possible.
  2. Please provide a list of two references and include their e-mail address and full mailing address. These references should be persons, other than family members, who know you well and whose judgment concerning your living conditions, character, and personal habits can be trusted.
  3. We are going through several changes in an effort to provide our students with the best possible experience with Pilot Dogs. With that in mind, our training team would now like all new students and returning graduates to provide a video submission so that we can better match our dogs with our students. This will allow us to see navigation skills, pace and physical stamina, and areas of use for our applicants. While this may feel like a slight inconvenience, we are confident that our goal of ensuring that we provide the best possible teams will be improved by this video submission.

    The video requirements are as follows:
    -Submit as ONE video with sound
    -Video of applicant walking a routine route without a sighted guide for about ten (10). Please include 3-4 safe crossings at intersections, one of which is with a traffic light.
    -A short clip of both the outside and the inside of your home and the areas that the dog will be living

    You can use a smartphone to make the video and email it to You can use Google Drive, Dropbox, or upload it as unlisted on YouTube. Please do not use any uploading service that has a viewing expiration date.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 614.221.6367. Thank you for your patience.
  4. When we receive your application we will send you additional paperwork, including an eye report to be filled out by your eye doctor and a medical form to be filled out by your physician.
If you need to download the application as a PDF or Word Document, please click one of the buttons below to download.